An Interview with ‘Practical Saver’


An Interview with ‘Practical Saver’

Eric D. Weisgerber – owner of the Practical Saver website; has been picked for this weeks featured home business of the week. Eric is a financial planner and author that publishes a free weekly newsletter giving tips on how to save money. She also teaches tips at workshops, on Your Life A to Z, through her books and newsletter. She has worked out of the house for 10 years.
Yesterday, Eric participated in a short interview about her business. I’ve included the interview below for your reading pleasure.

What is your business in a nutshell?
A resource to help people save money and find Financial Freedom

What is your day to day like?
I work each day from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. doing the free newsletter and preparing for workshops and television segments. I usually speak 2 – 3 times a month at various organizations and tape segments for Your Life A to Z every other week.

What made you decide to start the ‘savings business’?
I am a Financial Planner, with a Bachelors Degree in Finance from Arizona State University. I worked as an investment planner for 10 years when I realized the consumer need for budget financial planning. We had our own ‘budget crisis’ in our family and had an income decrease of $800 per month. I needed to find a way to stay at home so that I could care for our 3 children – so we found ways to cut our expenses $800+ per month.

How much did you have to spend to get started?
It cost approximately $5,000 to print the books, they are all self-published. The other start up cost was minimal since we already had our Plumbing Contracting Business set up here in our house.

How long has it taken you to start earning an income through this?
Practical Saver is more of a ministry to help people. That is why I do the free newsletter and the workshops are free to attend. The books are priced to help with the printing and the operation of the website and office expenses that are incurred. The sales are directly related to my marketing and media appearances.

What are your future goals with the business?
I had no idea the growth I would have incurred up to this point. I started with zero on my newsletter list and I have now over 1,600 people and 100 visits to the site each day. My goal is to continue to let God grow my business. I am scheduled to be a speaker at a large Woman to Woman conference in Phoenix in April – I think that many doors will open with that exposure. The television segments with AZTV “Am Arizona” and Channel 3 “Your Life A to Z” are a great way to reach people, I hope to continue those as long as I can.

Eric is a very hardworking gal, and I hope that her success will help you and others realize that it is possible. Thanks again for participation in this with me! I have learned alot and will be bookmarking your wonderful site for future reference!

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